Becoming a member of Foton is the first step in improving your photography and design skills. You don’t need a SLR camera for that. Also with a mobile phone or a compact camera you can make stunning pictures.

Every Wednesday evening at 20:00 we organizing interesting activities in the Vrijhof Culture Centre at the University of Twente. The activities cover a broad scale of topics, like portrait- or high-speed photography or light painting. But we also focus on editing your pictures in Lightroom or Photoshop. Besides this, we organize guest lectures, workshops and excursions and we have a grand exposition twice a year. Besides this, we also have some general activities like a game-night, Christmas dinner et cetera. And, if you have confidence in your talents, you can register for work-actions, which are requested by external parties. During this work actions (which are paid!!) you will, for example, make portraits or take photos at an event.


The costs of becoming a member of Foton are €20,- contribution, plus the costs of the Unioncard and the association fee.

Hiring a Fotonographer

Do you want to hire a Foton Photographer for a shoot or event? That is possible! Hiring a Fotonographer costs €22,50 per hour, including post-processing. Please keep in mind that we have starting photographers, who are still learning, but will do the best they can to make beautiful photos.