Are you interested in Foton Arts? You can come by and experience one of our events for free. Please click on the link to let us know you are interested and want to join an activity!

Welcome on the official website of Foton Arts. We are a visual arts association of the University of Twente. We organise weekly events, trips, contests and exhibitions to stimulate photography and other visual arts and help artists to expand their knowledge. We have a broad variety of members with different levels and interests. So, also if you are new to photography or drawing and painting etc., you are welcome to join.

We were origannly only a photography association, our website is not fully updated on the additions of drawing and painting. This will start from next year onwards.

General information

Foton Arts is one of the culture associations of the University of Twente. We organise weekly events, weekend trips, a trip abroad, exhibitions, contests and other fun activities. The association consists of both a photography group and an art group (drawing, painting, etc.)

For the photography group, we organise events with different themes and topics, such as nature photography, model photography, light painting, staging, street photography, and so on. The events will be in English, so international students are also more than welcome! You do not need an advanced camera. A smartphone is mostly also sufficient. We have different equipment, such as a studio and a dark room for developing analogue pictures, which can be used by our members.

Our art group is a new addition to the association this year. We weill organise weekly activities about painting, drawing, sculpting, origami, caligraphy, graphic design and more. When you become a member, you can have access to our drawing and painting supplies which can be used for the activities, exhibitions or your own projects.

For this year, when you become a member, this means that you can both join the photography and the art activities, but no activities are mandatory so you can also choose to just come to the activities that suit you.

If you have any questions please mail us via:

Hire a photographer or artist

Do you want to hire one of our photographers for a shoot or an event. This is possible. Please click on the button below for more information and booking. Do you need someone to make an artwork or design a logo, you can also try to contact us!

Become a member!

As a student or employee at the University, Saxion or ArtEZ (AKI/Conservatorium) you can join Foton Arts. You need a Union Card to become members. The costs for membership are:

  1. Association Fee: € 22,50 (year) or € 14 (half a year)
    This is a fee paid to the University/Vrijhof, so Foton Arts can use the rooms and facilities of the University. The Association Fee can be paid directly at the portal of the UnionCard.
  2. Contribution: € 20 (year)
    The contribution is used to organised events, buy or maintain equipment and organise exhibitions. The Contribution van be paid directly at the portal of the Union Card. This fee is the same if you want to join both groups or just one group of the association.