Becoming a member of Foton is the first step in improving your photography and design skills. You don’t need a SLR camera for that. Also with a mobile phone or a compact camera you can make stunning pictures.

Every Wednesday evening at 20:00 we organizing interesting activities in the Vrijhof Culture Centre at the University of Twente. The activities cover a broad scale of topics, like portrait- or high-speed photography or light painting. But we also focus on editing your pictures in Lightroom or Photoshop. Besides this, we organize guest lectures, workshops and excursions and we have a grand exposition twice a year. Besides this, we also have some general activities like a game-night, Christmas dinner et cetera. And, if you have confidence in your talents, you can register for work-actions, which are requested by external parties. During this work actions (which are paid!!) you will, for example, make portraits or take photos at an event.

Becoming a member

Are you a student or employee at the UT, Saxion, ArtEZ AKI or ArtEZ Conservatorium? Then you are able to buy an Union Card, which is needed to become a member of Foton. For the current prizes and all benefits go the the website of UnionCard.

In addition to the UnionCard you have to pay for the association fee, this costs € 22.50 for an entire year and € 14, – for half a year. As a result, Foton is provided with rooms and the preservation of the Dark Room.

The contribution that has to be payed to Foton is € 20, -. With this Foton pays for materials (such as the studio), professionals and exhibitions.

If you are still not sure whether you want to become a member, please send an e-mail to to join one activity for free.

Hiring a Fotonographer

Do you want to hire a Foton Photographer for a shoot or event? That is possible! Hiring a Fotonographer costs €22,50 per hour, including post-processing. Please keep in mind that we have starting photographers, who are still learning, but will do the best they can to make beautiful photos.