Tape and paint

We are going to use tape and paint to create paintings sort of like the ones from Mondrian.

Daytrip to Düsseldorf

On Saturday 18th of June FOTON & ARTS is going to Düsseldorf !!! We are meeting on central train station (Enschede) at 9:00. There are individual discounted tickets at the German (red) ticket machine next to platform 4b of the central station or online (click to go to the offer)  . The ticket price this …

Collage with Flower Pedals and Leaves

Inspired by the work of the Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi, we are going to create our own colorful collages using flower pedals and leaves. You can witness some of her masterpieces, birds made of flowers here.

Portrait Photography

You are invited to join this fun portrait photography activity at Kleine Zaal in Vrijhof between 20:00 to 22:00. The models will be students of the Change Leaders Master’s Honours Program and some of the photos are going to be used for the booklet of the honours program.


Using only simple tools and paint, we’ll be making prints during this activity.

Portrait + Object Photography

This activity is all about bringing your very own object from home and using it to take lots of interesting pictures. The idea is to bring an object that somehow represents you, so we can also use this as a way to tell something about ourselves and get to know each other! Obviously, in addition …

Line Art

Using fineliner pens, we’ll be making drawings with the goal of never letting the pen leave the paper.