Foton Photo Challenge

Every quartile, Foton organises a Photo Challenge. Everyone can send in five pictures, and we are going to look at them and discuss them. In the end, we are going to vote for the best picture. The winner will get a place on the Foton Wall of Fame. WHAT DO YOU NEED: Send in or …

Lights and shadows

This evening, we will have another activity in the balletzaal in the Vrijhof. The pictures will focus on shadows. Scary shadows behind a curtain, making shadows with your hands and photographing interesting shadows on objects. Please take your camera (and tripod if possible) with you, so you can also makes nice pictures with good composition.


This evening, we will have the General Members meeting. This will be an important one, where will discuss multiple different issues and we will talk about the future of Foton. Since Apollo asked us if we could become a “visual arts” association, we will discuss if we will do this or not. You do not …

Dance Photography (monday)

This evening, we will photograph dancers. You will get information on how to shoot dancers and under which lightning conditions and shutter speeds. This will be on a monday, not a wednesday this time. It will start at 20.00 as usual.

Light trails

We are in the dark days of January, and we will take advantage from this by using bright light sources (such as stars and car lights) to make interesting pictures. Also when these objects move, they can make beautiful pictures. Please bring your camera (and tripod if possible) with you.

Film Workshop

This evening, we will have a workshop by a someone who professionally works with film. We do not know the details of this event yet, so things might change later on.

Christmas lustrum dinner!

This evening, all members and donors can enjoy a putlock christmas dinner to celebrate the last activity of the year! We will still need to find a location, but this will be updated later on.

Product Photography

This evening, we will do product photography. We will talk about photographing different types of objects and we will of course also put this into practice. Please bring your camera (and tripod if possible) with you. Also, if you have any product you want to photograph, just take it with you!

Game Night

At Foton, we really love playing games. Also because there are exams these weeks, we will have a simple activity with lots of fun. You don’t need your camera for this activity, but it would be nice if you have some simple games which everyone can play!

Exposition Collage

This evening, we will have your pictures of the exposition so we can start framing them. It is up to you how you want to present them! We will also provide materials for a nice collage or whatever you want to do with the pictures. We will also discuss the exposition of June this year …