The Student Athlete Exposition is opened!

The Student Athlete Exposition is opened!

De last couple of months, some photographers of Foton were busy photographing the students at the University of Twente that participate in a sport on top level, in commission of the Sport Centre here on Campus. Under the leadership of Rikkert Harink the final exposition was created. The best photos will be showed during the exposition, which will be opened on the 9th of February at 20:00 in the Vrijhof.


If you can’t make it the 9th of Februaty, don’t worry, the exposition will be open until the beginning of  March, so you can always have a look later!


Senna Tamminga
Mirjam de Jonge
Zahra van Egdom
Yvon Gankema


Steffan Winkelhorst (Alpine skiing)
Pim Venderbosch (Triathlon)
Sanne Vermeer (Judo)
Ivo Wolters  (Team gymnastics)
Nienke Hintzbergen  (Korfball)
Mitchel Mensinga (Checkers)

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