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Who are we?

Hello! We are Foton Arts (officially known as A.F.V.D. Foto). We are one of the cultural associations of the University of Twente. Our mission is to stimulate photography and increase the photography knowledge of the students and people beyond the University. And since this year, this will also be applied to the art group, where we will stimulate various visual art types.

We do this by organising weekly events with different themes and topics about photography and other art forms. For the photography group, this would be nature photography, model photography, urbex, product photography, street photography, light painting and so on. For the art group, this would be drawing, painting, graphic design, origami, sculpting, caligraphy, etc. Also, we organise weekend trips and a trip abroad. Besides this we have exhibitions and contests. We give workshops from professionals in the field and attend lectures together.

Foton Arts welcomes both new artists as well as more experienced ones. We have a great variation in levels and interests, which makes our association accessible and fun.

As a visual arts association, Foton Arts has materials, such as drawing and painting supplies, studio equipment, a functioning Dark Room (for developing analogue pictures) and we can use different rooms in the University for our events.

Becoming a member!

If you are interested in Foton Arts, you can come to one of our activities and experience what we do. Please contact us via: if you are interested.

Foton Arts offers members:

  1. Joining the events, exhibitions, trips and other activities;
  2. Free use of (studio) equipment;
  3. Free use of the DOKA;
  4. Free admission to our workshops (these are workshops we organise for both members and non-members. Non-members need to pay a fee to join)
  5. A lot of knowledge and fun…

As a student or employee at the University, Saxion or ArtEZ (AKI/Conservatorium) you can join Foton Arts. You need a Union Card to become member. The costs for membership are:

  1. Association Fee: € 22,50 (year) or € 14 (half a year)
    This is a fee paid to the University/Vrijhof, so Foton can use the rooms and facilities of the University. The Association Fee can be paid directly at the portal of the UnionCard.
  2. Contribution: € 20 (year)
    The contribution is used to organised events, buy or maintain equipment and organise exhibitions. The Contribution van be paid directly at the portal of the Union Card.

The Board

Foton Arts has a board, which is responsible for managing the association. Our board consists of the following roles:


The chair leads the board and the rest of the association. They take responsibility for the functioning of the assocation. They lead the meetings and provide support and supervision. The chair is currently held by Sjoerd Kuiper.


The secretary is responsible for all work actions performed by Foton Arts. They have an overview of all members and their registration, make minutes during the GMM’s and other meetings and is responsible for the internal and external communication. The secretary is currently held by Mathias Heindl.


The teasurer is responsible for the finances and should make a budget plan, overview all incomes and expenses, do all financial reporting and manage the bank account. The treasurer is currently held by Panagiotis Moungridis.

The Committees

Foton Arts has several committees that manage or organize aspects of the association. It is possible for members to join a committee! On this page, you can find more information about the different committees and how you can join one.

The Activity Committee

The Activity committee is responsible for organising different activities every quartile. There is both an activity committee for the photography group as well as an activity committee for the art group. In total there are four quartiles each year and the goal is to organize workshops, lectures and other activities.

When joining the activity committee you can help us organizing cool activities. So, do you have ideas about which activities Foton Arts should organize, become a member of the Activity Committee!

The Trip Committee

Besides activities, Foton Arts also organizes trips outside of the University. Examples are a city, a zoo or a nature park. These activities are mostly organized in the weekends and can also be visited by donators.

The trip committee organises trips for both groups of the association, and anyone who is a member or donor can join.

Another goal of the committee is to organize a trip abroad, for example to a nice city in Europa, like Berlin, Paris or London. Do you have nice ideas about trips, join the Trip Committee.

The Exposition Committee

Each year, Foton Arts organizes at least two expositions, which are held in the Vrijhof Culturecenter of the University. But, it is also possible to organize more expositions in other inspirational locations. When joining the Exposition committee, you will help bringing the beautiful works of art the members of Foton Arts make to the world.

The DOKA Committee

The DOKA Committee, or “Dark Room” committee is responsible for managing the dark room at the University of Twente. We are very lucky to have a dark room for developing photographs, but we need (skilled) people to help other members using the dark room and maintain it. We will also have our drawing and painting supplies stored in the dark room. Are you interested in the DOKA Committee (which is also welcoming members who want to learn more about it), please join.

The Promotional Committee

The promotional committee is concerned with the website & social media, advertisement, merchandise, relations and sponsors. For example, it looks for suitable sponsors, manages the blog and keeps up the relations with other cultural organisations and old members. Are you interested, please join the Promotional Committee.

KasCo Committee

The KasCo Committee is responsible for managing the cash flows of Foton Arts. It checks the financial administration of the board and helps with it. Also for non-board members it is possible to join. Are you interested, please sign up!

Join a Committee

Are you interested in one of the committees or do you want more information about (joining) a committee, please send an email to:


Here you can find important documents, such as the privacy policy and internal regulations.

Law & Regulations


  • Work Assignment Contract | coming soon